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Invest in TCS

Why give? Similar to many private schools, the tuition at TCS only covers a portion of the expenses associated with education. Your support for overall school operational costs is vital for our success. Additionally, we've pinpointed several areas for growth within the school, including improvements to our campus infrastructure and opportunities to enhance the interests of every student and family. Your generosity truly makes a significant difference!

What is Invest in TCS? Invest in TCS is our annual fundraising campaign. Participation in this Initiative directly contributes to the overall enhancement of educational programs and facilities. These contributions play a vital role in bridging funding gaps that may exist, ensuring the school can provide a high-quality learning environment for students. The funds raised often support essential resources, such as updated technology, extracurricular activities, and professional development opportunities for teachers. By actively giving to the campaign, parents, alumni, and community members contribute to the collective effort of fostering a thriving educational community that benefits both current and future generations of students.