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Lunch ordering is now online only.  All orders must be placed online through our ParentsWeb.

Students at TCS who are on campus during lunch times will be given the opportunity to order freshly prepared meals from a number of local vendors.  We strive to provide healthy and delicious meal options throughout the school year to keep the children happy and full!

Monday - C.R. Chicks
Tuesday - Culvers
Wednesday - Jimmy John's
Thursday - Chick-fil-A
Friday - Papa John's

Click here to place your orders through the Family Portal.

Things to Note:
-You will receive an email confirmation if your order was placed successfully 
-Orders cannot be changed once placed
-The lunch coordinator is unable to place orders
-Please be mindful of field trips and class specific events when ordering months in advance




Ordering Instructions

1.  Sign in to your Family Portal.

2.  On the left hand side, click on the "Student Information" tab then click on the "lunch" option.

3. In the upper right corner, click on “Create Web Order” and select child's name.

4.  Fill in your child's(ren's) requested order. Make sure to put a 1 for each item that you would like to order.

5.  Double check your order for each child. Select payment and follow all the way through to the PAY button. 

6.  Lunch ordering will close Wednesday evening at 9:00pm of the prior week.