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Homeschool Students


Trinity Christian School is reaching out to the homeschool community by offering on-site Music and Visual Art classes exclusively to home school students in the 1st-8th grades.

Our programs include:

Art-1st-3rd grades
Utilizing the popular book, 13 Artists Children Should Know, students will learn about master artists including but not limited to Matisse, van Gogh, da Vinci, and Warhol. They’ll explore painting, drawing and collage as they develop skills in the proper use and care of tools and materials. Lessons and projects are constructed to emphasize the process of art production, stimulate creativity and develop fine motor skills.

Art-4th-8th grades
In a teacher-guided open studio format young artists will be engaged in both two and three-dimensional art with a focus on the basic elements of art and principles of design. Ranging from exercises in drawing and painting to sculpture and collage, projects are designed to highlight each element and principle and to help students strengthen their ability to express their individual creativity. In addition, students will be exposed to art history and will learn how it has developed and shaped art over time.

Music–1st-3rd grades (Chorus & Recorders)
TCS uses and has enhanced the popular music curriculum, Silver Burdett, with practical playing while performing in various ensembles for 1st–3rd grades. Ensemble opportunities include Soprano Recorder and singing. Students within the ensembles will participate in performances within the community as well as major TCS productions .

Music–4th-8th grades (Beginning Band & Chorus)
In conjunction with the popular music curriculum, Silver Burdett, TCS has created an enhanced program with practical playing and performance in both Concert band and Chorus ensembles for 4th–8th grades. These ensembles would require performances within the community and also in major school productions alongside TCS students.




1st - 3rd Grade Tuesday 1:10pm - 2:00pm $500


Chorus & Recorders

1st - 3rd Grade Tuesday 2:05pm - 2:55pm $500


Beginning Band & Chorus

4th - 8th Grade Tuesday & Thursday  1:10pm - 2:00pm $1,000*



4th - 8th Grade Tuesday 2:05pm - 2:55pm $500

Yearly Tuition and Registration for All Three 4th - 8th Grade Classes:  $1,250.00

*Please note that beginning band is a 2 day a week commitment.

Summer Hours