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Exceptional Student Education

Trinity Christian School is pleased to offer Exceptional Student Education (ESE) services to our students in grades Kindergarten Prep through 8th grade. Our offerings expand and adapt each year to meet the needs of our unique population. We utilize several scientifically research-based methods of instruction with a large emphasis on multisensory learning. We service many students with varying exceptionalities including ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder (levels 1-2), Speech and Language Impairment, and Specific Learning Disabilities such as Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Dysgraphia. We also service students with various processing deficits.

Students in need of Speech & Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy or other therapies may arrange for private services to be provided during the school day pending appropriate background check and screening. Private therapies are approved and scheduled through our front office to ensure safety and space for therapy on campus at your desired time. TCS is also willing to allow a 1:1 shadow provided by parents/guardians under certain circumstances. Please inquire with our Assistant Head of School, Susie Maione, if your applicant will need a 1:1 shadow.

TCS also works closely with the Palm Beach County School District through their Private School Program. Qualifying students can receive PBCSD ESE services on campus as well as Federally Funded Title 1 services.

Application Process:
During the application process, indicate your child’s exceptionality and attach the most recent IEP/504 plan or equivalent plan, if your child has one. It is also necessary to attach the applicant's most recent neuropsychological or psychoeducational evaluation. This will allow our admissions team to best determine the support the applicant may need. Knowing the applicant's status during the application process will ensure a supportive and comprehensive plan is created for a positive transition into our school community.  

Our ESE fees are listed below. To learn more about our ESE program, please email our ESE Coordinator, Beth Donovan at For questions regarding admission and a 1:1 shadow, please email our Assistant Head of School, Susie Maione at

2023-2024 Fee Schedule

1:1 ESE Instruction 3x per week $5,500.00

1:3 Core Instruction 5x per week $6,000.00

Learning Lab 4x and Small Group Instruction 2x per week $2,500.00

Learning Lab 4x and Small Group Instruction 3x per week $3,500.00

Learning Lab 4x per week $2,500.00

Small Group Instruction 2x per week $2,000.00

Small Group Instruction 3x per week $3,000.00

Small Group Instruction 5x per week $4,500.00

Student Accommodation Plan (SAP) Maintenance (for students not requiring ESE services) $400.00